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Little Oak is an award winning company, awarded for Environmental Excellence, committed to managing and enhancing the natural environment for the benefit of people and nature. 


Our main business is in providing contracting services for tree work, green space management and conservation work and we run a busy and profitable commercial operation. However we also understand that a commercial approach alone is inadequate in providing the intricate needs of nature and local community so we also dedicate a large proportion of our efforts to our not-for- profit projects. Projects that we are involved in include the Beddington Farmlands Nature Reserve, The Hackbridge Project, Azores Nature, The Balkan Ecology Project, Little Oak Ghana and a Music and Art Project- Thee Bryans. 


Our efforts are dedicated to Sustainability and in developing systems that preserve and enhance the human and natural environment and in generating and redistributing wealth to meet those aims.We recognise the importance of working in partnerships and complex networks supporting the endeavours of other groups, individuals and organisations working to meet the same collective goals. 


Triple Bottom Line accounts for little Oak Environmental Management

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